Registration and Records

The Office of Registration and Records facilitates academic programs and resources for students and faculty.

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An official transcript is a certified statement of your complete academic record at the College, including coursework, grades and degrees earned.

Honors Program Requests

Honors Program Students use these services to request an Honors Option course conversion, enrollment in 495 Honors independent research, or Honors Program distinction change.

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Consent to Register: Internship, Field Work, Field Experience, or Cooperative Education

This service request is required to register an internship for academic credit. It must be approved by your faculty advisor and WCPE Internship Coordinator. Students seeking to register for an internship for academic credit must have a 2.5 or higher GPA, and an internship site (place of employment) secured.

Graduation Refile Request

Complete this form to change your graduation date, major, or minor.

Graduation Request

The initial application for graduation is done via the self-service portal.

Music Lesson Registration

Students, please submit this form to request registration for music lessons that require instructor consent.

Non-Degree Registration

Once you have found courses on Self-Service you wish to register for, please complete this form. Please note: Upon submission of this form you are registering for the course(s) indicated and will be responsible for payment upon receipt of billing.

Pending Graduation Request

Complete this form if you wish to participate in May commencement and have 2.00 or less requirements to complete Summer term at Elmhurst University.

Register for Courses with Final Exam Time Conflict

This service request is required to register for a course that has a final exam conflict with another course. It must be approved by the instructors of both courses involved as well as the Office of Registration and Records.

Request Enrollment Verification

This service may be used to request an official enrollment verification document, or to request that a verification form provided to you by an employer or other organization be signed by Registration and Records.

Undergraduate Program Reinstatement

Complete this form if you have not attended another college since leaving Elmhurst University and have been enrolled at Elmhurst University within the last 5 years.