Popular Services

Use this IT service request if you need assistance with Technology that is not listed in any other category.

Request repair of all mechanical issues.

Select this service if you are experiencing trouble while connecting to the Bluejay Wireless or Bluejay Guest networks.

Request repair of building issues.

You can place an order for your official transcript through National Student Clearinghouse here.

Request for cleaning in non-residential buildings.

This service request is required to register an internship for academic credit. It must be approved by your faculty advisor and WCPE Internship Coordinator. Students seeking to register for an internship for academic credit must have a 2.5 or higher GPA, and an internship site (place of employment) secured.

This service may be used to request an official enrollment verification document, or to request that a verification form provided to you by an employer or other organization be signed by Registration and Records.

Request for administration issues.

Use this service request to report an issue that you are experiencing.

Request for setups and moving furniture.

For key and access card requests

Request for security related issues.

Report issues with washers or dryers in laundry rooms.

Request for cleaning in residence halls, student apartments and student houses.

Request this service for assistance with resetting a password or troubleshooting access to an account that you have previously been able to access.

The initial application for graduation is done via the self-service portal.

Request this service for assistance with accessing accounts if you are a prospective or newly admitted student who has not yet accessed myElmhurst Portal, or if you are a graduate.

Request this service for assistance with audiovisual technology in classrooms and meeting rooms, including conference telephones, cameras, microphones, and videoconferencing platforms, i.e. Zoom, Teams, etc.

Complete this form to change your graduation date, major, or minor.

Use this service to request Web Print access for student employees that need to print documents for work purposes through Web Print from personal computers.

Complete this form if you wish to participate in May commencement and have 2.00 or less requirements to complete Summer term at Elmhurst University.

You may select this service to request that an Ethernet port in your room be activated.

Request for grounds issue.

Request full licensing upgrade for your basic Elmhurst Zoom account.