Consent to Register: Internship, Field Work, Field Experience, or Cooperative Education

What is an Academic Credit Internship?   

An academic credited internship allows students to integrate career-related experience into their education by participating in supervised work, and even earn course credit. The experience complements and enhances classroom learning while creating links between the University and the world of work.

An academic internship may be taken during the regular term (Fall, Spring or Summer) with part-time employment of 7 to 13 hours weekly for .50 credit, 14 to 17 hours weekly for 1.00 credit, 18 to 20 hours weekly for 1.50 credit, or during J-Term with 36 to 40 hours per week.

Students of any major are eligible to take on an internship.

What is the criteria to register for an academic credited internship?

  • You must be enrolled as a student of Elmhurst University
  • You must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Internship site (company) must be approved by WCPE Internship Coordinator and your faculty advisor

What must be done to successfully register for an academic internship?  

  1. You must secure an internship site (aka place of employment). Once you’re site is secured you can move forward with the registration process.
  2. You must schedule an Internship Registration Meeting in Handshake to complete the internship registration paperwork. See below for Handshake appointment instructions.
    • Login into Handshake >Go to Career Center in the upper right hand corner
    • Then go to the section titled “What can we help you find today” select the  Appointments widget , then click on the blue box labeled “Schedule A New Appointment”
    • Then select Career Experiences Advising>Internship Registration (answer the survey questions and hit submit)
  3. You must sign an Experiential Learning Waiver and submit the Consent to Register Form on the EU Portal.

WCPE Internship Coordinator and Faculty Advisor will review request and approve in the EU Portal. Once approved you will receive a confirmation email from the Records and Registration Office that your registration request has been processed.

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