Facilities Management

Request facilities services and schedule maintenance.

Categories (10)


Door, window, floor and ceiling problems. Hanging pictures or items on walls. Signage and sign changes. Bulletin board or shelving requests.


All painting, patching and re-finishing needs.


Electrical, plumbing, heating and AC problems. All exterior lighting. Running toilets, dripping faucets, or leaks. Space is too warm or cold.


All cleaning needs in all buildings except residence halls. Chalkboard and white board supplies. Non-urgent light bulb replacement.

Residence Hall Custodial

Cleaning and laundry machine repair in residence halls, student apartments, and houses. Residence hall light bulbs only.


All grounds related issues. Any problems with sidewalks, roadways and snow removal. Icy or slippery roadways or sidewalks.

Vehicle Maintenance

All issues with college owned vehicles and grounds equipment.

Plant Services

Moving, setups, brochure deliveries, spills cleanup. Urgent bulb replacement. Pick up of items for shredding.

Operational Services

Administration issues or requests. All elevator issues. Requests will go directly to the Facilities office Admin. Use this if you are not sure which trade is appropriate.


Key issues, lock problems, fire alarm, security systems and card access systems. Replace discharged fire extinguisher.